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About WaffarX

“Waffar” means “save” in Arabic and this is what WaffarX is all about.

WaffarX was first launch to the public on April 2018. Based in Cairo, Egypt, we are the first Cash Back website in the MENA Region and aim to be the number one choice for online buyers who are looking for the best deals and savings.

Our website connects Affiliate Merchants with buyers from around the world. We also offer Egyptians and buyers from the MENA Region a great selections of local Merchants, as we are aware of the generally high cost of shipping and custom fees when buying from Europe and the USA. That being said, anyone, anywhere in the world, can become a member and take advantage of our service.

WaffarX receives a fee for referring buyers to Affiliate Merchants and uses that fee to offer Members Cash Back on their purchases.

How does WaffarX works?

Everyone loves a good bargain. At WaffarX we helps buyers save money on their online purchases, not only by providing Cash Back on every purchases but also by finding the best online deals so they can save even more! So stop wasting your precious time to find the best deals, we find it for you!

Saving money has never been easier. First register by creating an account. All you need to provide is a valid email address and your full name. A welcome bonus of US$2.50 will automatically be added to your Cash Back account! You can then browse through our website, where we provide you with the best deals, offers and coupons. Simply click on the offer, merchant website, or advertise product of your interest and you will be directed to our Affiliate Merchant website. Proceed normally with your online purchase by making sure your cookies are enabled, as cookies are used to authenticate the Member and assure Cash Back is assigned to the Member Account.

You will receive your earned Cash Back every 3 months. We offer easy withdrawal methods that suit the MENA region and international members. *

*Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

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